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15 Cool things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark

I always wanted to write about my experience in Copenhagen but I am just super late to update my blog.

Copenhagen reminds me of a trip full of warmth, happiness, and wonderful memories.

It is the capital of Denmark, and one of my favorite cities.

I simply adore the city for its cool laid-back vibe. Along with that, you get to explore loads of historical places, modern architecture, and delicious food. Altogether it is a perfect city break. I would say, if you visit Copenhagen, you feel "Hygge" in the air.

The city is packed with many beautiful attractions. You can spend one week or more in Copenhagen. But I recommend staying at least three complete days to visit all the major attractions and to get an overall idea about the city.

: Some Quick Facts:


How to reach Copenhagen:

Copenhagen is well-connected to the UK and Europe. Depending on your location, you can fly to Copenhagen airport. From the airport, you can take the bus or metro which is the easier and cheaper option. Alternatively, you can take a taxi too. Find more info here.

Since I was traveling to Copenhagen from Hamburg, Germany, I took the train from Hamburg Central Station. The journey was itself super fun and unique because the train went inside a ferry on the way. And I met so many people like me who were equally excited to experience this. But unfortunately, this route does not work anymore. The trains got rerouted and do not use the ferry.

When to visit Copenhagen:

In my opinion, summer is the best and busiest time to visit Copenhagen because of longer and brighter days. Spring is also a good time. And, if you can manage cold weather, a winter trip to Copenhagen could be amazing too.

Is it expensive to visit Copenhagen?

In short, Yes, it is. But you can do a budget trip as well. It is possible to find affordable options for accommodation over, Airbnb, Hostelworld.

A quick tip: It is better to avoid restaurants at Nyhavn if you are on a budget. Rather go for street food at Reffen Street food and Craft Market in summer. The food is delicious there. Also, there are other affordable restaurants inside the city. Alternatively, you can opt for buying food from the supermarket. But again not all the supermarkets are cheap (Fakta, Rema, Netto are comparatively cheaper as per my experience).

Is it worth buying Copenhagen Card?

You can opt for Copenhagen Card depending on your itinerary. You can explore most of the places on foot inside the city. In fact, while in Copenhagen a walking tour is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do. But the card gives you more freedom and saves time. The public transportation is really good and you can make use of public transport wherever you go. On top of that, you can also calculate the expenses and see what are the attractions included in this card. If you are focusing solely on Copenhagen, it is worth buying the pass.

If you wish to move further from the city it is better to rent a car. In that case, it is probably not a good option to buy a Copenhagen card again.


Check out my Copenhagen Gallery:

What did I do in Copenhagen?

Walking in the city exploring new places, spending hours at the harbor soaking the sun and smelling the sea breeze, losing the track of time at Kronborg castle, or simply pausing for a break at a cozy cafe: Every experience in Copenhagen was truly special.

But I have made a list of 15 favorite things of mine:

Here it goes:

  • Enjoy strolling around the colorful and vibrant canal district of Nyhavn

  • Take a boat trip from Nyhavn

  • Even if you do not want to try all the rides, it is really fun to visit Tivoli Garden.

  • A walking tour of the city. Or you can explore on your own.

  • Visit Churchill Park and Langelinie. Do not miss The Little Mermaid statue. This place was so crowded during my visit, I could not even get a proper picture :D

  • Visit City Hall Tower to see Copenhagen from the top.

  • Visit Rosenborg Castle, Amalienborg Museum, Christiansborg Palace, if you are a history buff

  • Enjoy the long summer evenings at Copenhagen Harbour maybe with a Danish hot dog (pølse) or with open sandwiches (smørrebrød).

  • Swim in the harbor if you can

  • Visit Refshaleøen and enjoy the street food market at Reffen (Summertime only)

  • Visit Freetown Christiania for a unique experience. I recommend going for a guided trip.

  • Day trip to Kronborg Castle or Hamlet's Castle. I highly recommend this trip. This place is surreal. You can find the information regarding the opening hours and guided tour here.It is easily reachable via train from Copenhagen Central Station.

  • Day trip to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

  • Day trip to Malmö, Sweden

  • Do not forget to try some danish food. You can check out some of them here. I personally recommend trying smørrebrød with pickled herring, hot-dog, and pastries.

You might find this list a little bit longer for three days. But these are just recommendations of mine. Every traveler is different. So you choose what you want to do :)

And with this, I finish this blog!!. <3

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